Medium Brown Brow Pomade


BROW POMADE is highly – pigmented, it creates the perfect brows with a matte finish and is great for using in a humid climate.

Karen Messam Eyebrow pomade is super lush and creates the perfect brows, it glides on smoothly to the skin and hair and is amazing to use on oily skin type or humid climates.

KMC Brow pomade is used a brow definer that fills in and details the brows. A little application goes a long way with a buildable formula which is very long-lasting and doesn’t smudge or budge, it is waterproof and you can swim with it on and it has a completely cruelty free formula.


One jar of eyebrow pomade will have months of usage.


KMC Brow pomades is also available in four (4) other shades.


Additional information

Weight 7 g